Trump supporters rip Hollywood, gleefully celebrate #Oscarfail

Hours before the Academy Awards were presented Sunday, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee compared watching the Oscars telecast and its expected political speeches from Hollywood stars to getting a colonoscopy.

“Watch celebs spew ignorant political venom at Oscars? Nah,” Huckabee tweeted. “Think I’d rather have a colonoscopy. Both happen from same location.”

But it appears Huckabee watched quite a bit of the broadcast after all.

In an email to supporters of his political action committee, the two-time Republican presidential candidate tore into the criticism of President Trump’s immigration policies coming from the Dolby Theatre stage.

“This year included an extra layer of lectures on open borders and welcoming all migrants to come on in, from people who won’t let you get within 200 yards of them unless your name is on the VIP list,” Huckabee wrote. “Aside from a brief, welcome appeal to calm bipartisan outreach from host Jimmy Kimmel the Oscar telecast was filled with liberal virtue-signaling. From all the anti-Trump speeches and wisecracks to the blue ribbons on many gowns and lapels, signaling support for the ACLU for suing over Trump’s immigration order, the message was that Hollywood is bravely standing up to that fascist dictator Donald Trump, who’s stripping away our civil rights by enforcing the immigration law passed by the Democratic Congress in 1965.”

“If they really believe Trump is an iron-fisted, vindictive dictator who’s taking away their civil rights,” Huckabee continued, “why do they feel perfectly secure in constantly mocking and attacking him on national television? Think anyone would dare do that in North Korea or Cuba?”

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