Triseum CEO André Thomas Invited to be a Lead Instructor at National Arts Education Association SummerStudio

SummerStudio explores the transformative power of Human-Centered Design Thinking to equip art educators and students as creative problem solvers in designing a better world.

“Mr. Thomas has contributed his creative brilliance and leadership since its launch in 2015, with the mission of using innovative gaming strategies and design thinking to effectively transform teaching and learning in the 21st century,” said Norman.

The National Art Education Association (NAEA) kicks off its “SummerStudio: Design Thinking for Social Equity” week-long workshop today, assembling a talented group of art and design innovators, educators and students, all dedicated to designing a better world. André Thomas, Triseum CEO and Texas A&M instructor, has been invited to lead a series of sessions that explore the role of game design in creative problem solving and specifically the use of game-based learning in transforming static classroom experiences.

“Design thinking can significantly impact teaching and learning, inspiring creativity in the way that curriculum is developed, presented and retained,” said Mr. Thomas, who also serves as director of the LIVE Lab in the Department of Visualization at Texas A&M University. “Specifically, there are so many elements of game design that can spark imagination in the education process. I’m excited for this week of hands-on teaching and collaboration, as well as the opportunity to explore the ways that game-based learning theories and applications can fuel future design initiatives.”

“SummerStudio Design Thinking is a visionary national professional learning experience, developed through the collaborative genius of renowned leaders in design thinking and game design,” said Jan Norman, Ph.D.,…

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