Triangle quilt part two – creating the rows

I don’t know about you but I have been dreaming about triangles, lots of triangles of many colors. This is fitting because I am now on my triangle quilt part two – creating the rows. And boy do I have rows and rows of them.

When I sew the triangles together I start with one color. I sew a white triangle on either side of it. If I am sewing the first row, I sew it all the way down. If this is the second row, I do not sew into the already sewn seam. 

When I have a white triangle – colored triangle – white triangle I then add a second colored triangle.

I make sure to not sew a seam down. I want the ends to be free so I can nest them if I need to.

I keep following the same pattern. Each row begins and ends with a white triangle. I have nine different colors.

I am making each row with eight of the colors.  I made sure that each color was skipped in one row. Then I started the next row with that color triangle. I did not follow any other pattern.

As I finished each row, I carefully pressed the seams. Each seam was pressed towards the right on the ironing board. That equated to left when it was turned the right side up.

The first six rows I placed on the design wall. I tried to not have the same color in the exact same place on a row. I admit, the dark pink, red and orange photograph nearly the same. 

I probably could have fit one more row on the bottom of the design wall but really, who needs to bend down that low? I started putting them on the Longarm.

I have five rows on there for a total of six. 

Yes, I have triangle rows all over the place! I guess I should do something about them, what do you think?

I may take a day off to gear up for sewing all these rows together. I have various options for how I could do that. Sooner or later, I have to decide.

I have to put an end to these triangle dreams!

Sew happy!

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