Tops Tips For Techies! Making Your Resume Stand Out!

Whether you’re a teacher or a techie whiz kid, when it comes to writing a resume, even the best of us are left bothered! It’s easy to do your job well, but convincing someone else, a complete stranger at that, that you’re really good is a completely different ballgame. But you’ve got to do it, if you want that job, right? In this article, we share some great tips for technology professionals on how to create resumes that will not only make a fabulous first impression but are also a surefire way of impressing all prospective employers!

Tip One: Allow Room For Variations And Editing In Your Resume

Being a technology professional means you’re trained in a number of different skills and fields. But, not all of them will be relevant to every single job position you apply for. If you try and include everything, you’ll be using up precious space in your resume and you’ll make a cluttered mess out of it. Many prospective employers might turn you down because you have experience in more things than they’re looking for! A solution to this dilemma would be to write a new resume for each job, but that isn’t really feasible is it? So, how do you manage this challenge? Easy, look for a resume format or template that lets you prioritize all the information such that you have a standard resume with all the essentials in place and you can add or delete additional information depending on the particular job profile you’re submitting the resume for. This way, you’ll have all the fundamental bases covered while also leaving room for flexibility when the occasion demands it.

Tip Two: Use Space Wisely

It’s easy to get tempted and include paragraph after paragraph about yourself in a resume. You want to make a good impression and you don’t want to leave out anything, so you go on and on about your education, your work experience, your dreams, both professional and personal and so on. What you forget is, it’s a resume, not an autobiography! You shouldn’t be so brief that it…

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