Top Summer Destination – Taiwan Summer Solstice 235 Experience Tea Tours for a Cool Summer

Summer is here and the Tourism Bureau kicked off an exclusive Summer travel campaign – “Taiwan Summer Solstice 235 (representing Latitude 23.5),” to celebrate Taiwan island and its offshore islands’ unique geography where Tropic of Cancer cuts across central Taiwan. With diverse landscapes and rich produce, Taiwan is praised as the “Emerald on the Tropic of Cancer,” radiating tropical and subtropical flairs!

Taiwan Tourism Bureau aimed to create a unique Summer festival and partnered with Ten Ren Tea – the reputable Taiwanese tea brand – for a series of refreshing Summer Green Tea menu. The Summer Green Tea Season features a variety of refreshing green tea beverages, such as Aiyu Jelly with Iced Green Tea, Lemon Sea Salt Sorbet with Green Tea, Green Tea Latte with Brown Sugar, and the Original Iced Green Tea. Along with a series of tailored Summer Solstice 235 tea tours, travelers will get to immerse themselves in Taiwan’s world renowned tea sensation through their sight, hearing, smelling, and taste buds for a summer feast.

One of the Summer Solstice 235 themed tea tours, “Tour of East Rift Valley Wuhe Black Tea,” takes you to the Wuhe Gaotai Tea Plantation in Ruisui, Hualian County. The tea plantation has been promoting the “Pesticide-Free Organic Farming” in recent years; their specialty tea is made with tea leaves sucked by tea green leafhoppers and carefully crafted into honey-flavored black tea. The black tea there has a strong aroma of fruit, honey, and flowers; it was picked from 700 tea products among 15 countries to receive the World Tea Award Gold Medal. Wuhe Terrace is also considered a home to the Ami people and a prehistoric cultural site. After sampling the delicious black tea and the scenery of the East Rift Valley, the tour…

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