Top Scientology Financial Adviser Preaches Moving Money Offshore

Bruce Wiseman, who has advised some of Hollywood’s A-list church members, urges clients to move assets far from U.S. control: “It’s perfectly legitimate.”

Paranoia is rife in America. Is the president an agent of a foreign power? Is the economy due for imminent collapse? In this climate, Bruce Wiseman, the Church of Scientology’s longtime go-to celebrity money manager whose firm’s clients have included everyone from Jenna Elfman and Kirstie Alley to Beck and Lisa Marie Presley, is stepping out with urgent advice: Take your money offshore. Nominally out of the game (the state of California told Wiseman to stop advising clients in 2011, but he says he had quit years earlier), he now is preaching his peculiar prosperity gospel under a pen name in books and a newsletter.

Get him going, as THR did over lunch at Musso & Frank, and he’ll explain why it’s time to airlift your assets, citing a quadrillion-dollar derivatives bubble about to burst, and exactly how to do it. “Some people are like, ‘Offshore? Really?’ There’s a lot of negative PR put out by the IRS and the Treasury Department,” says Wiseman, unexpectedly chatty for someone involved in two press-shy arenas: the upper ranks of Scientology (he joined the church decades ago) and the nether reaches of offshore banking. “They don’t want dollars going out of the country. But it’s perfectly legitimate. Just because there is probably drug-dealing doesn’t mean you’re of that ilk.”

The 75-year-old grandfather is prominent within the church hierarchy as the national president of its Citizens Commission on Human Rights, the primary organ of Scientology’s fight against psychiatry. For this and other work on behalf of the controversial church, he has received its highest honor, the Freedom Medal. (Isaac Hayes and Anne Archer are among the high-profile members who have been granted the seldom-bestowed accolade.) “He’s a big name in Scientology,” explains Tony Ortega, a noted critic of the church and author of The…

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