Top chef for Singapore Airlines reveals the secret to making in-flight meals taste better 

 Certain food and drink items, like tomato juice, taste better on a flight

A chef who invents the dishes on offer in first class on Singapore Airlines has revealed there is a knack to making your mile-high grub taste good – lots of salt, pepper and sharp-tasting condiments.

Alfred Portale from New York’s Michelin-starred Gotham Bar and Grill said that the unnatural environment in an aeroplane cabin dulls the senses, so you have to overcompensate with seasonings.

Due to the powerful air conditioning systems there is a serious lack of moisture in the air, which dries out a passenger’s mucus reserves. 

This in turn means that they are 20 per cent less able to taste sweet and salty flavours. 

This problem is compounded by the fact that noisy surroundings also affect a person’s ability to taste sugar. 

So, for the lucky passengers flying first class on Singapore…

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