Tips to Help You in Purchasing the Right Paramotor

If you have plans of buying a paramotor soon, you should read through this article. Here, you will get tips that will help you in purchasing the best paramotor available in the market. The market houses different types of paramotors. As a result, a beginner i.e. a person who has no prior experience of powered paragliding often finds is extremely difficult to choose the paramotor model that will suit his needs the best. You will come across paramotors with basic, intermediate and advanced features. There are ample alternatives available even for paramotor accessories. As every paramotor model varies from each other when it comes to their features and accompanying accessories, you will have to set your own priorities before buying any particular product. Follow the tips provided below to understand what would be the best paramotor option for you.  

Check and ensure whether or not the paramotor is in good condition: If you have enough funds, it is always sensible to opt for a new paramotor. However, if you have to follow a fixed budget, you can also buy a used one. You may have decided to buy a new or a used paramotor, but you should not make the final deal without checking the condition of the machine. This will make sure that you do not end up paying for a paramotor with damaged parts. Check the paramotor’s motor, wings and frame for damages and vulnerability to breakage. A paramotor with flawed parts is more susceptible to accidents than a paramotor in perfect condition. If you are not confident enough about your ability of checking a paramotor’s condition, you can seek the guidance of a paragliding expert.  

Choose the paramotor model according to your body weight: Earlier, it has been mentioned that features of paramotors vary from one model to another. According to paragliding experts, you should always consider your body weight while choosing a paramotor model. Taking your body weight into account is particularly important while deciding on the wing size of the machine. Ideally, a paramotor that will be operated by a lightweight pilot must have smaller wings than a paramotor that will be operated by a heavyweight pilot.

Check the paramotor’s wing size: This step is extremely essential as a paramotor’s wing size decides how high it will fly. If you have the desire of reaching high altitudes while riding a powered paraglider, your paramotor must have M4 wings. These wings generate more thrust and allow the pilot to achieve great elevation while flying. The paramotors with M3 wings are meant for people who are not aspiring to reach higher altitudes while paramotoring.

Select the right wing type: Paramotor wings can be of two types, reflex and traditional. A paragliding expert will always suggest you to buy paramotors carrying reflex wings. The primary reason behind this is that the reflex PPG wings are sturdier and more enduring than the traditional ones. Unlike the paramotors equipped with reflex wings, the paramotors with…

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