Tips For Changing And Hiding IP Address Using Different Methods

An IP address is defined as a unique series of numbers arranged in triads and separated by dots to form an exclusive code. This code is meant for identifying a specific device and differentiates it from others of its type, on an online network. Many folks prefer to alter their IPs especially when they are banned from entering a particular website or when they are flooded with spam windows. If you are one of these fellows who are willing to change their IPs, you can do so by following the instructions mentioned here.

Using Command Prompt Method For Manual Change:

Hit the “Start” button present on the bottom left hand side corner of your screen. Find the “Control Panel” option in the side window and click on the “Network and Internet” options from the main window. Find the “Network and Sharing Center” title there. Hit on it to get the option for altering the settings of adapter. Now select your network from the list and check out its properties. A window shall pop up.

When you click the “networking” tab on the window, you will get two options: TCP/IPv6 or the Internet Protocol Version 6 and the TCP/IPv4 or the Internet Protocol Version 4. You can check the individual properties of it and adjust the settings in such a manner that the Windows can automatically assign an IP to it or you can contact your network provider and ask him from a net IP code. This can be manually entered there. Save the settings.

Hiding IP:

A few folks prefer to conceal their IPs for privacy concerns. The best way for doing it is using a proxy server or a remote server that automatically assigns a temporary address to your system. This address is discarded after every session and as you begin a new online session, you get a fresh IP code for your system.

Different Types of Proxy Servers:

The kind of proxy selected by you depends upon the level of privacy you want to have. There are 4 types of them: Transparent, Total or High, Anonymous and Distortion or Warp Proxy. Some…

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