Tight ends figure to play key role in new scheme for Bears | Baylor Bears Football

Jordan Feuerbacher sometimes felt like a spectator in Baylor’s passing offense.

During his first three seasons at Baylor, he caught nine passes in an offense that tossed the ball around liberally. Most of those passes went to wide receivers like Corey Coleman and KD Cannon, not tight ends like Feuerbacher.

But with the emergence of first-year coach Matt Rhule’s pro-style offense, Feuerbacher and fellow tight ends like former Baylor basketball player Ish Wainright and Stephen F. Austin transfer Jayson Clements should see a lot more passes thrown their way this season.

“With the last offense we were in, we weren’t featured as much in the passing game,” Feuerbacher said. “This gives us more opportunities to do more things and help the offense. We’ve taken it with a lot of pride and said, ‘Hey, this is our opportunity. Let’s go out there and work hard and show we can contribute to this offense like we haven’t before.’”

It wasn’t that former coach Art Briles completely excluded tight ends during his eight seasons at Baylor. One of the most memorable moments of his tenure was when 6-7, 400-pound tight end LaQuan McGowan shocked Michigan State by catching an 18-yard touchdown pass from Bryce Petty in the 2015 Cotton Bowl.

Though Baylor’s tight ends had some big moments in Briles’ spread offense, they weren’t the critical component they’ll be in both Rhule’s pro-style and spread schemes. Baylor tight ends coach Joey McGuire has seen the excitement in his players beginning in spring drills all the way through preseason practice this summer.

“You see these guys enthusiasm, even in the spring,” McGuire said. “Those guys were really excited. I would bet, all the way through spring to this practice, we’ve maybe taken 20 reps without a tight end in the game. They’re doing a really good job…

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