Three tips to foster a devops culture

Devops is a term that has received significant traction as IT organizations seek to level barriers between developers and operations staff. Although several companies are adopting devops practices, their success is not guaranteed. According to Gartner Group Inc., a leading research and advisory company, 90 % of companies attempting to switch to a devops work environment will fail through 2018 if they do not address cultural foundations. The following, therefore, is a list of tips on how to nurture a devops culture.

What is devops?

Devops is a title that blends developers and operations staff. The main idea behind the concept is to integrate these groups in order to provide faster time to market applications with lower costs and better quality. Contrary to other tech trends, devops isn’t so much a product as much as it is a practice involving people, technology and processing.

Integrating developers and operations staff has several advantages. Developers are responsible for writing computer codes, whereas operations staff are responsible for ensuring those computer codes run smoothly. In the past, developers would have to file a request for a new server through an operations department, which would often take weeks to fulfill. By breaking down barriers between the two departments, developers can push out and update apps themselves. This relieves operations staff of some of their duties while giving software developers more autonomy. Moreover, it helps normalize working hours for both departments.

Cultivate collaboration

Collaboration is fundamental to a devops work environment. Both teams must be willing to work together in a mutually beneficial, synergistic way. Forging collaboration does not happen overnight, however. One way to build collaboration between the two teams is through regular interaction, whether it be via email, phone meetings, Skype or Google Hangouts. In addition, an operations administrator would be well advised to meet with developers once a week…

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