THR Technologies Introduces First Instantaneous CBD Delivery System

NANOCALM 300, the industry’s only pharmaceutical-grade, microemulsified, liquid hemp extract.

The most effective edible CBD on the market. -Dr. Christopher Shade PhD

THR Technologies announces the availability of their newest advanced absorption cannabidiol (CBD) serum, “NANOCALM 300” Microemulsified Hemp Extract. This premier nanoemulsified CBD product utilizes Quicksilver Scientific’s liposomal delivery system®, which provides instant absorption from the mouth into the bloodstream. Far outpacing the absorption speed of all other products, “NanoCalm 300” optimizes and standardizes oral CBD delivery.

NANOCALM 300 can be purchased online at and is available at a growing number of dispensaries and health product vendors across the U.S. THR Technologies specializes in liquid cannabinoid nutraceuticals that absorb instantly and provide complete systemic delivery of their contents.

NANOCALM 300 is a key innovation for people who use CBD as a means to support their health. It’s well known that CBD receptors exist widely in the body, particularly in the central and peripheral nervous systems, as well as the immune system. Extensive research exists concerning the potential impact that this…

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