This Photoshop Oath Pledges to Keep Unrealistic Editing at Bay

Ronda Rousey. Lena Dunham. Zendaya. Meghan Trainor. These are just some of the superstar celebs who have recently taken a stand against the photoshopping of their photos. Even in situations where the celebs aren’t fuming, the fans are. Just take these epic photoshop fails from Mariah Carey, Kylie Jenner, and Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid that all had internet trolls pointing out that this stuff just isn’t cool.

That’s why one designer started a social impact project called The Retouchers Accord, a sort of moral code for the people who hold the power to subtract inches from celeb waistlines and smooth cellulite from even the fittest models. It calls for everyone in the image business—from casting directors, photographers, and graphic designers to marketing teams and even the models or celebs themselves—to make a pledge toward increasing the authenticity of images.

The overall mission: to celebrate *real* beauty with a code of ethics and practical advice. Can we get a hell to the yeah?

Sarah Krasley, the mastermind behind The Retouchers Accord and founder of Unreasonable Women Inc. (the NYC–based company that puts women’s needs at the center of product, service, and workplace policy design), got her inspiration from the The Designers Accord, a 10-year-old set of oaths that established a code of ethics around sustainability in the design industry. The new oath follows a similar design, but includes a call to fuel a dialog about social impact, diversity, and authenticity;…

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