Thinner and Stronger BodyGuardz SpyGlass 2 with AlumiTech Delivers Leading Screen and Data Protection

BodyGuardz SpyGlass 2 with AlumiTech

SpyGlass 2 maintains our leading privacy coating, while adding AlumiTech for even greater screen drop protection.

BodyGuardz®, the leader in device protection innovation, announces Spyglass® 2 featuring AlumiTech™—a new thinner yet stronger, two-way privacy glass that hides content from onlookers while delivering world-class screen protection from cracks and breaks.

“Whether you’re watching a film, enjoying pictures of loved ones or working on sensitive material, it’s more important than ever to keep prying eyes at bay,” said Ryan Noel, BodyGuardz senior brand manager. “SpyGlass 2 maintains our leading privacy coating, while adding AlumiTech for even greater screen drop protection.”

When compared to traditional soda-lime glass, BodyGuardz SpyGlass 2 delivers:

  • Better drop performance
  • Reduced scratch visibility
  • Improvement “after-scratch” strength
  • Two-way obstruction while in portrait mode
  • Unobstructed viewing for all in landscape mode

By leveraging next-gen aluminosilicate glass, SpyGlass 2 delivers incredible strength and protection with a thin .33mm form factor. It is optically clear, completely touch sensitive and limits the visibility of fingerprint smudges.

In addition, SpyGlass 2 features BodyGuardz Installation Guide for easy protector installation in moments. SpyGlass 2 is available for iPhone X, 8 and 7 (in all size variants).

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