The whispering card trick and a few tips on how to handle magic

When you dive into the world of magic and start learning how to perform this or that magic trick, it seems as though it is never going to end. Chances are that you will never get to learn all the secrets for the ample range of tricks developed by magicians all over the world. Yet no one expects you to know each tiny detail related to all the magic in the world. On the contrary, when you put on a show, people expect you to come with a specific program of well-performed tricks. Indeed, it is preferable to adjust your tricks to various audiences, thus never risking performing the same program in front of a public who might have witnessed some of your “specials” in several of your previous shows. This is why variety is important. On the other hand, many magicians are famous precisely because of a number of their specific tricks. If you are skilled enough, you can construct your show having as a basis your well-known tricks and you will never bore your public because you know to handle the entire program in such an entertaining manner that they simply cannot get enough of you.

One way to bring some spice to a routine program is to introduce small tricks to involve your audience. Thus, a positively appreciated card trick is the one in which you will pretend that the cards will whisper something in your ear. You will only need a deck of cards. This is how the card trick will appear to the outside watcher. You ask for a volunteer from the audience. Then you mix up the deck of cards for a while, up until the moment the spectator asks you to stop. Then you stop and remove the upper part of the deck of cards. A spectator takes the card; you tell him or her to memorize it (number and suit). Then the spectator puts the card back in the deck. You re-assemble the deck and mix it up near your year. You tell them that the deck whispered what the card was.

This card trick is more difficult to perform, but the whispering element is what stresses its nature of a genuine magic trick. How can you organize such a part of your show? First, you need to make an adequate introduction. A small, humorous speech or one in which you underline the mystery and charm behind your cards will most likely make one of the best approaches. For instance, you could say that you and your deck of cards have built such a strong connection that they have recently started sharing you some of the privileged, secret information known only by them. Now, carefully, using misdirection, look at the card at the top of the deck. You will efficiently use misdirection of your audience if you keep on talking to them and maintain their interest engaged in the entertaining things you are saying. Misdirection is valuable for other types of tricks too; it does not exclusively apply to this particular card trick.

The most efficient way to look at the top card is during your shuffling of the deck. With your left hand, take the deck of cards. The thumb is on the right and the four fingers on the left….

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