The Voice star Linda Jennings accused of being a ‘former heroin user’ who ‘flogged pal’s guitar for £425 to buy drugs’


Bolton based singer accused by fellow musician who wants her to take responsibility

THE Voice star Linda Jennings has been accused of being a former heroin user who sold a pal’s guitar to get her fix.

Millions will watch the mum, 49, sing and strum on the ITV show.

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Strumming…Linda Jennings impressed on The Voice last week

But fellow musician Pete Thompson Swayne, 48, claims she confessed to selling his instrument and all her furniture to buy heroin in the 1990s.

He said: “Linda and I had known each other for a few years when her boyfriend Phil rang to ask if she could borrow my guitar for college.

“I was in Belgium, so I arranged for them to pick up my Fender Telecaster from my flat in Nottingham.

“When I got back a month later, she told me that she and Phil had sold it for £425 to pay for heroin.


Still unhappy… Pete Thompson Swayne

“She was clearly on drugs then, her pupils were dilated and she was really gaunt. I thought I could see marks on her arms as well.
“When I went to her flat it was almost empty. They’d sold everything for drugs.

“At the time I felt really sorry for her. She had a young son, Gabriel. That’s why I didn’t tell police.”

Last week viewers saw Linda, from Bolton, wow coaches with her vocals and quirky personality.

She chose Sir Tom Jones as her mentor and was seen celebrating with her current…

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