The Trump-Like Figures Popping Up in Central Europe

WARSAW — Political outsiders across Central Europe, preaching a populist message and promising to overturn the establishment, have felt the wind at their backs since the election of the new American president. We recently profiled one of them, Veselin Mareshki of Bulgaria, who says he sees himself as “an anti-establishment candidate like Donald Trump.” Many others embrace the connection, too, whether it is their backgrounds in business, their bombastic personalities, or their canny use of celebrity and social media.


Andrej Babis says that he and President Trump share an aversion to immigration and a tendency to say politically incorrect things.

Milan Bures for The New York Times

Andrej Babis, 62, Czech Republic

Undoubtedly the best-known businessman-turned-politician in Central Europe, Mr. Babis transformed an agribusiness conglomerate into a diversified corporate behemoth that includes major media properties. In 2011, he formed his own party, ANO, and promised to bring business sense to government on an anticorruption platform. The party did so well in parliamentary elections that Mr. Babis was named finance minister. He is widely considered the likeliest next prime minister. He has rejected comparisons with President Trump, whom he criticized as a poor businessman. But he has also added that he and the new American president share an aversion to…

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