The Secret and Law of Attraction Revealed and Explained

Secrets are something that intrigues each and every human being. We are by nature, attracted to secrets and hidden facts. Considering how much we are obsessed about revealing secrets, it does not come as a surprise when people are curious to know more about the secret of law of attraction.



What is the Actual Secret?


The secret of law of attraction is no more a secret and if you want any tangible proof for this, just take a look at the enormous numbers of sales of books, CDS and movies created on this topic. Millions of people are already aware of the law of attraction.


The actual secret that people now want to know is if the law of attraction actually works. Well, to assess this, we must first try to understand what the law of attraction actually implies. According to the law of attraction, we are creating our experiences by our thoughts. We live in a reality that is created by our own thoughts. So our reality / the world as we see it is a direct consequence of our thoughts and beliefs.



Does This Mean Reality is No More Real?


No, it does not mean that reality is no more real. On the contrary it implies that we are in control of our reality. We humans have been blessed with the power of creating our own reality according to our personal thoughts and beliefs. We tend to experience and face situations that were created by our thoughts. So the best way to create a reality of our choice and linking is to modify our thought processes.


We can change the…

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