The Real Cause Of Toe Nail Fungus And Its Cure


Anyone in this world is prone to infection of toe nail fungus and it is really very difficult to know where these fungal nail infection occurred. In United states around 35 million people infected with the toe nail fungus. It has been found that one can have nail fungus if one or more of the nails becomes: 
  • Thick
  • Crumbly, brittle or ragged
  • Distorted in shape
  • Becomes dull with no shine or luster
  • A dark color caused due to debris building up under the nails    

It has been also found that the infected nails are separate from the nail beds and the person may feel pain in toes or fingertips and figures a little foul odor. 


Usually, the infection of toe nail fungus revolves around warm and wet areas. Tight and enclosed shoes or the boots that trap heat and sweat, causes the toe nail fungal infection. Running or playing games also sometimes leads to ruptured nail plate. The moisture in shoes and shocks gets trapped in nail cracks and invites the nail fungus in. 


Not maintaining proper foot hygiene also leads to toe nail fungus infection. Another important reason is the genetic vulnerability. Using a nail polish also causes or worsen the infection.          


In order to keep these nail fungus away people needs to take self care and keep the immune system completely nourished. Take a good diet with much of fruits and vegetables that will help keep these invaders off.


With some suggestions below one can easily prevent the toe nail fungus:

  • Always keep feet…

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