The railway budget of 2012

Indian Railways is the single most large public sector employers in India. So it has its own budget which deals with the problems relating to their own. The budget deals with the expenditure, profits and also passenger security to its list of important goals which provide the people safety and fast transport. Rail budget 2012 has been truly remarkable for some thing. There have been various problems in the recent past which has marred the prestige of the railways. There have been some incidents of passenger security and also severe accidents. So the railway minister Mr. Dinesh Trivedi had to chalk out a master plan as to control whatever is possible by him to save to image and also the organization. The 1st thing that he said was that, railways is in ICU, and they needs to do certain things to make them work.


The minister quoting poetry and praising his predecessor Mamata Banerjee for her excellent work went on to laid a bill that is the highest ever annual plan outlay in the rail budget 2012.

  • There was a price hike in all the three tiers. There was no other alternative than to hike prices. The problem is not created all of a sudden and that it helped in the growing up process of the railways. But the price rise isn’t steep and they are allowing people about it.
  • For security there will be GRF/RPF in 3500 trains. This will provide the necessary inputs for the class.
  • The budget gives importance of opening up new lines that covers the rest of India. There has been none…

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