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The declaration came definitively, if belatedly: #MeToo has to mean them too.

The coordinated push to get Sen. Al Franken to resign reflects a new, cleaner and more internally aggressive approach by top Democrats to demonstrate accountability in their ranks.

Until this week, no national political figure faced the fate that an array of entertainment and media figures have met during this extraordinary last few months.

If Franken does what his colleagues are calling for and steps down, the onetime 2020 contender will join the longest-serving House member in vacating their seats this week. Both are Democrats.

Contrast that with the GOP, where Roy Moore now has the support of President Donald Trump, the Republican National Committee, and a still-growing number of Republican senators going into Tuesday’s election in Alabama.

All offenses are not even close to equal. And the latest Democratic pushes out the door may look like an attempt to reclaim moral high ground in a pile of stories where most everybody in power seems tiny.

Still, at this moment that is broader than politics, there’s a growing partisan split in how powerful figures are being held accountable.

The RUNDOWN with MaryAlice Parks

Two months after the shooting massacre in Las Vegas, House Republicans passed a gun bill.

While the bill included language to revamp the national instant background system, the House Republicans’ bill made clear — despite the uptick in deadly mass shootings — they are moving forward on what looks more like an any gun, anytime, anywhere agenda.

The core of the so-called “conceal carry reciprocity” bill would override individual state rights and compel those states with stricter regulations to honor a concealed carry permit issued by any other state.

“We’re a Senate vote away from guns in Times Square

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