The First All-in-one Kitchen Scale And Cutting Board Launches on Kickstarter

The NutriScale Board combines the functionality of a kitchen scale with a cutting board.

Many manufactures focus on smart technology and connecting the scale to a person’s smartphone. We see value in that, but felt that there were other ways we could improve the standard kitchen scale that would prove to be more utilitarian.

Kitchen Innovations is excited to announce the next great innovation in meal preparation and portion control, launched this week on crowdfunding website Kickstarter. The NutriScale Board combines a large surface kitchen scale with 2 stackable cutting surfaces for cutting, weighing and dispensing food. At an early-bird price of $40-$50USD ($50-$61CAD), the NutriScale Board is expected to be popular among dieters and fitness fanatics for portion control and meal prep, and among those who prefer to weigh ingredients for recipe accuracy.

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The Kitchen Innovations team has an extensive background in kitchen tool and gadget development, and focuses on product ideas that will save consumers time and help them eat better. They zeroed in on the trend of steadily increasing sales of kitchen scales, which aligns with the increasing focus on healthy food choices. After many brainstorming and concepting sessions, the NutriScale Board was conceived. Combining the scale with the proven design of their Zeal NutriBoard was a popular idea among the team and well received by the consumers they consulted with. Adding an optional second cutting surface added more value and created a seamless meal prep process by allowing for the preparation of multiple food types without cross-contamination.

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