The E-learning Landscape in Malaysia

E-Learning is being considered as the future of learning methodology across the globe as it provides training and education at convenience and minimal cost to the provider as well as the user. E-learning serves as an online classroom that comes along with media-rich content and most importantly, it aids in synchronous interaction with instructors. The best part about e-learning sessions is that it can be accessed by anyone from any place and at any time.

In today’s competitive business environment, educational institutes in Malaysia, are trying to quickly respond to the needs of the growing education demands through e-learning. Debates and conferences are being held to discuss on e-learning as a means to improve the traditional classroom-based teaching. Face-to-face training with instructors on the virtual platform is being hugely encouraged and promoted by the government along with many private sector organisations. The initiative is focused on bringing advancement in the existing education pattern. However, it is important to note that e-learning is not an alternative to traditional classroom teaching rather it an enhanced way of teaching to make learning fun and interactive.

E-learning is still at its nascent stage and its impact and benefits are yet to be accepted by users, as many would still choose classroom teaching over online teaching. However for the purpose of meeting the challenges of the education demands in Malaysia, the government has promoted e-learning at both the infrastructure and policy level. Generally, e-learning initiatives and promotion in the country can be divided into initiatives taken by educational institutes, government organisations and corporate sector.

With so much support for e-learning in the country, the need for better conferencing services comes into the picture. To provide better e-learning facilities across the country, quality remote conferencing solution is a must for both at the government and local level. Unless this is done, the whole initiative to educate students through an online platform would go in vain. Through quality audio, video and web conferencing solutions, students and instructors are sure to experience an excellent learning and teaching environment. Additionally, this reduces the cost as the need for travelling and other infrastructural requirements gets eliminated. Moreover, the students can have a two-way interactive environment irrespective of their physical location. The visual connection helps in providing a better understanding of the topic and enhances the student’s retention power with  by sharing graphics and PowerPoint presentations apart from face-to-face interaction.  

Since the price of conferencing technology is eventually reducing, the future of e-learning and the education system in the country looks bright. To add to that using conferencing services is easy, so both students and instructors will have no difficulty while interacting with each other. The media-rich…

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