Cool new Android phones, more Internet of Things things, top-draw tech executives—the capital of Spain’s Catalonia region turns into the world’s mobile capital starting this weekend, with the annual Mobile World Congress tech conference.

Some 100,000 industry professionals and journalists are invading this cosmopolitan city to see these new product launches, do business, and weigh in on topics ranging from speedy next generation “5G” networks to artificial intelligence.

Just about every important company in the business is here in some capacity, though some—I’m guessing you’re among them, Apple—like to keep their presence quiet.

I’m here too.  Here’s how my next several days shake out.


No rest for the weary overnight U.S. traveler, but I have enough internal bandwidth to pick up my MWC press badge at the airport. It was a fast and smooth process, but most of the crowds don’t arrive until Sunday.

On Saturday evening, I attend my first press event of the conference, put on by TCL…