The Common Cause of Teen Depression Identified by Parents

Children who have depression often do not let their parents know that they are suffering from one of the most debilitating illness, according to surveys. Depression for some is a simple case of the blues that would easily be resolved after a few days but little do they know that such mental anguish may push a person to take one’s own life.  One of the top ten leading causes of death in the United States is suicide as identified by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). However, researchers are trying to find out if relaxation techniques help a person to develop a positive outlook.


Children and teenagers are increasingly becoming more prone to depression, according to the data gathered from previous years provided by the NIMH regarding the prevalence of depression among these ages.  The developments regarding the improvements in the recent years were not made as a means to have more patients but as a way to dispel any negative thinking by most patients because there are still those who consider people with mental disability as losers. The social stigma attached to problems in the mind is one of the barriers of the treatment of such illnesses.  With the aim to understand people suffering from mood disorders, a study entitled “Stigmatization of People with Mental Illnesses” by the Royal College of Psychiatry published their reports stating that the 16-19 year old participants have the most people who have negative thoughts on mental problems.


Being in the teenage years, suffering from major depression or other mental illnesses may be hard because the social environment surrounding them is often unforgiving for depression-stricken teenagers.  For these teens that have felt bullied because of being different may still find hope and continue to face their inner demons because their parents are supporting them every step of the way.  There is a problem with the communication between the child and the parent because the child would often feel…

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