The Coleman Propane Camping Stove

Propane Fuel

For seasoned campers, hikers, climbers, and outdoorsmen propane has some definite drawbacks. For one, it is the most expensive of all the stove fuel alternatives. And if you are going to be camping in cold winter temperatures or at high altitudes, propane won’t work for you because cold temperatures greatly degrade the performance of propane cylinders. Additionally, if you are taking your stove on the trail with you, you won’t like the additional weight of propane cylinders.  But having said all those things, propane gas is still easily the most popular fuel among weekend campers. Its combination of convenience and ease of use suit it ideally for most camping families. Cooking with propane does not require measuring, pouring or priming. With propane, just attach the cylinder to your appliance and begin cooking

Coleman Propane Stoves

In the years after World War II ended America began work on the U.S. Interstate Highway system and for the first time ever automobiles began to be affordable for most families. These developments gave Americans travel fever. Just about every weekend families around the country loaded up the station wagon and hit the road. Hotel and motel chains and modern travel conveniences were still off in the future, and camping became the overnight travel method of choice. The name “Coleman” was already a household word among thousands of returning GIs, and the Coleman Company was perfectly positioned to benefit from the new travel…

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