The 9 Best Mixes of September 2017

Go slow: Take a cue from Peggy Gou and Sofay, whose mixes start out at a drowsy, downtempo pace. Or go fast: Portugal’s Violet and Berlin’s Gunther both attain techno’s high-flying cruising speed, with varying levels of intensity. And if you’d prefer to skirt the dancefloor entirely, there are plenty of options for that, too, be it Prequel Tapes’ tour of his industrial adolescence or Kaitlyn Aurealia Smith’s array of synths and Sade. One selection this month isn’t a DJ mix at all: That’s Actress’ session with the London Contemporary Orchestra, which translates the no-fi electronic musician’s digital abstractions for the concert hall.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Dazed Mix

In advance of her new album, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith puts together an immersive mix that alternates between her own productions (including commercially unreleased work) and those of likeminded musicians Geinoh Yamashirogumi (the Japanese collective behind the AKIRA soundtrack), Joe Hisaishi (“The John Williams of Japan”), Sapphire Slows (the synth-pop experimenter we’ll hear more from shortly), and more. Unsurprisingly, there are synths aplenty—Smith is a Buchla master, after all—but what’s more unexpected is the preponderance of Sade. Her dreamy “By Your Side” cover carries the set toward its soul-cleansing conclusion, and long before that, Asa-Chang & Junray’s “Hana” takes a big bite out of Sade’s “Pearls,” adding talking drum and processed vocals to flesh out a moving portrait of the mind-meld between human and machine.

Violet – LT Podcast 022

Portugal’s Violet brings the rave to whatever she touches, and this new set for Lobster Theremin’s podcast series is no exception. Following a deceptively dulcet opening, the acid kicks in with squirmy 303s that pop up throughout the set. Photonz’ laser-strafed “Statue Room” is an early highlight; halfway through, volleys of claps and cowbell give way to a dreamy Alkalino edit of Inner City’s…

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