The 13 most expensive countries in the world for a pint of beer

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It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a Londoner with a tenner will never be able to buy a decent round of drinks.

And expensive beer is not just a problem in the capital; the UK is one of the most expensive places to buy a pint in the world, according to new research from FX comparison site Travelex.

Travelex recently combined data from the Office for National Statistics and its own currency exchange rates to work out the average cost of a pint of beer in top tourist hot-spots for British holidaymakers.

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While it’s perfectly possible to find a cheap drink on the continent, the UK is one of the worst offenders for expensive beer, with the average pint costing around £3.50, more than three times the cost of a beer in Bulgaria at just 97p.

But it could be worse. A glass of the good stuff is extremely hard to come by in the United Arab Emirates, where anyone wishing to buy alcohol needs to hold a license to do so. Beer is still widely available in bars and restaurants, but premium rates in Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s luxury hotels mean that the average pint costs a frankly staggering £8.81, well over the cost of a beer in the UK.

Meanwhile, the average cost of a pint in France is £4.50, meaning for every beer you buy in Britain, French drinkers are paying an extra pound on top.

From Italy to Australia, here are the holiday destinations that’ll set you back a pretty penny if you’re planning to party.

13. UK

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Cost in GBP: £3.50


12. Netherlands

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Cost in Euros: €4.00

Cost in GBP: £3.60


11. Italy

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Cost in Euros: €4.00

Cost in GBP: £3.60


10. Canada

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Cost in Canadian Dollars: $6.00

Cost in GBP: £3.69


9. Australia

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Cost in…

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