The 10 best exoplanets we’ve discovered so far, ranked

Are you tired of the same old scenery? Do you look up at the sky and think, “Man I’m tired of all this blue!” ? Has your wanderlust exhausted Earth’s options? Or maybe you’re feeling a little Farnsworth and you just don’t want to live on this planet anymore?

Well if any of those situations sound like you, then this list is worth checking out. So grab your space suit, fuel up the shuttle, and strap in for an intergalactic tour of the best exoplanets that humanity has discovered so far.

Our first stop is the pitch black planet TrES-2b. This gas giant’s atmosphere is less reflective than coal, but as hot as the hottest Earth-born lava. These two odd properties give the planet an eerie red glow, so if you’re a fan of horror stories and Lovecraftian lore, then this might be the perfect stop for you.

Pros: It’s the perfect setting for any of your spooky Halloween parties or vampire cult get-togethers.
Cons: While the red glow may deliver the spooky vibe you’re after, it will also reduce your party to ash as soon as you arrive.

Second on this journey are the two planets Kepler-36 C and B. These celestial bodies pass by each other at a distance that’s roughly four times the distance between Earth and the Moon — thereby providing a remarkable view of either planet from the other’s surface.

Pros: A beautiful view of either planet as they pass each other like ships in the night.
Cons: This view will likely be your last, as neither planet is anywhere near hospitable.

Are you a fan of the snow, always looking for the freshest slope? Then OGLE-2005-BLG-390, nicknamed ‘Hoth’, is the exoplanet for you! At negative 220 degrees Celsius, this planet is in a perpetual deep freeze — presumably creating endless slopes for you to carve up.

Pros: It’s an entire planet of slopes for you and your crew to cruise down on your space skis.
Cons: On the other hand, the lack of atmosphere an precipitation means it’s likely solid ice — just like you’d be shortly…

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