Tango Live Match Tracker from Match Analysis Redefines the Live Digital Sports Experience

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Tango Live is a completely different experience that really captivates the user and brings them a fun, interactive, and feature rich connection to match day. The link between data and video is the untapped gold mine for sports.

With over 15 years of experience working directly with some of the best and brightest organizations worldwide, Match Analysis brings insight from the locker room to the living room in captivating and ground breaking products that tell the rich stories of the world’s greatest sport.

From data analysis to online video analytics to player tracking, in-video visualizations, and in-stadium panoramic video, Match Analysis has re-imagined what it means to understand and engage with the sport of soccer (football) at the highest levels.

Now the California-based company is launching their all new Tango Live Match Tracker, the first opportunity for fans to step behind the curtain and taste elite sports technology redesigned and customized as a fan’s digital playground.

Tango Live is the next generation, animated, real-time, head-to-head fan engagement platform that redefines the live sporting experience for club, league, sponsor and fan.

Presenting unique content in a captivating head-to-head format, delivering multi-component ratings of teams and individual players animated dynamically in real-time, completely reinvents the experience of live football. With striking animations, lively graphics, and blend of video-game and sports themes Tango Live Match Tracker widens the experience to entertain a broader demographic.

Live video clips are continuously generated throughout the game, categorizing every touch right down to individual players. This instant access to watch…

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