Sustainably-Designed Pest Control Manufacturer EarthKind® Celebrates 10th Anniversary on Earth Day

EarthKind® Founder and CEO Kari Warberg Block

EarthKind®, manufacturer of all-natural pest repellant products, is celebrating its 10th anniversary in honor of Earth Day by showing appreciation to all the people and organizations that helped EarthKind® Founder and CEO Kari Warberg Block, turn her passion into a multi-million dollar company.

“When I reflect on all that has happened since EarthKind® was incorporated in 2000, I didn’t realize at that time that it would take seven years to get an EPA registration on my first invention. That was when my company and this amazing journey really began,” said Kari.

The daughter of an entomologist and wife of a farmer, Kari had a “eureka” moment when she discovered a terrible rodent issue on her farm. There was little on the market that was both safe and effective, and with kids and pets at home, poisons were not an option for Kari. Her research showed that more than 9 out of 10 people purchased poisons to control pests, and she realized that she had an opportunity to fill this gap and disrupt the market. And so, with nothing more than a 99-cent package of garden seeds, Kari began her mission to create a better way to control pests in and around the home by creating a proactive and sustainable approach that would deliver professional quality results at a fraction of the cost. She knew if she did that, people would be willing to change their old habits.

With only a few dollars in her pocket, a couple of product samples and a fierce determination, Kari has succeeded where others have failed. Kari was awarded a small agricultural diversification grant to test the waters with her new invention – a new approach to rodent control. With the assistance of the North Dakota Ag Department she was able to bring new jobs to the state as her business grew, and in 2013 Kari won SBA’s “North Dakota Small Business Person of the Year” award, and also won National runner-up.

The first product to be launched, Fresh Cab®, a botanical pouch that keeps mice out of homes, cabins, basements, attics, garages, sheds, storage units and vehicles, received a patent in 2002 and was approved for sale as a “botanical rodent repellent” by the Federal Environmental Protection agency in 2007. The first and only botanical rodent repellent to gain EPA registration, this was a game changer. Big corporations took notice, and two years after it launched, Fresh Cab gained national distribution through Tractor Supply Company, and two years after that it gained national distribution through Ace Hardware.

“EarthKind® was always more than just building a business. I had a purpose – to create a safe option for pest control – and that was, and still remains, my biggest driving force in…

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