Suramin Now! Major Autism Conference Brings Advances in Science to Chicago in May 2018

AutismOne is excited that speakers can talk, from both a clinical and research perspective, about the current availability of suramin and its low cost to those with medically indicated conditions or symptoms under appropriate medical oversight.

AutismOne, which holds the largest and most comprehensive annual autism conference in the nation, today announced that the topics of crosstalk and modulation of purinergic, endocannabinoid, stem cell, and immune signaling by CBDs, suramin, Scutellaria/baicalin, and quercetin will be discussed at the May 2018 event. Suramin has been used in humans for over a century and is on the WHO list of essential medicine. Speakers from a research and clinical perspective will focus on therapeutic strategies of 21st century acquired immune deficiencies caused by environmental toxins including electrosmog, GMOs, and vaccines.

These topics will be included:

  •     Purinergic and endocannabinoid signaling in the regulation of the immune system
  •     Pathophysiology of purinergic signaling
  •     Role of purinergic and endocannabinoid signaling in neural, hematopoietic, and mesenchymal stem cell maintenance and differentiation
  •     Role of ectonucleotidases CD39 and CD73 in immunity and inflammation
  •     Use of CD39 and CD73 companion diagnostics to monitor efficacy of therapy targeting purinergic and endocannabinoid signaling
  •     Combination therapies targeting endocannabinoid and purinergic signaling systems

A recently published study[1] by Naviaux et al. said this about suramin: “The safety and activity of low-dose suramin showed promise as a novel approach to treatment of ASD in this small study.” It also read: “Secondary outcomes also showed improvements in language, social interaction, and…

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