Sunshine Acres Achieves Unprecedented Student and Operational Success with ETW

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Those insights are invaluable…

Sunshine Acres Children’s Home first opened its doors in 1954 with a mission to provide a loving, wholesome, Christian home for children who are separated from their parents and help them establish long-term relationships with stable parental figures, preparing them for success in adult life. Out of 120 group homes in the state of Arizona, they are the only home not licensed by the state, meaning they get no funding from the government. Additionally, they do not solicit donations.

As different as they are from the majority of group homes, they are still must comply with the same Department of Child Safety Requirements. In an effort to find a new, more objective mechanism for measuring and reporting on the children’s progress, Sunshine Acres turned to ETW.

ETW has helped Sunshine Acres:

  • Provide detailed progress reports on children, DCS required information, and give Sunshine Acres an advantage in grant funding since they now have proof of concrete positive outcomes
  • Engage staff so they are immediately made aware of a change in a child’s progress and prevent them from falling off the radar
  • Increase efficiency in reporting, as it only takes teachers 2-3 minutes to enter an update and review the child’s history rather than searching for a file

Executive Director Kevin Humphrey describes the results of implementing the ETW System, “ETW helps us see the kids who are doing well and bring more focus to those falling behind. Those insights are invaluable.”

He continues by encouraging similar operations to consider ETW, “While Sunshine Acres is the only group home that is not contracted by the state of Arizona, I know that a contracted one has even more…

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