Summer Scholars spotlight: Multimedia Documentary Shorts

Each summer, students and faculty members team up for Summer Scholars, an intensive 10-week program that provides an opportunity for professors and undergraduate students from all disciplines to conduct collaborative research together. At the end, students present their research projects to faculty, staff, trustees, family and community members in a closing celebration. This year, we’re shining the spotlight on two Summer Scholar projects on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Boisterous laughter fills the small room in which Muna Scekomar ’18, Ashley Alex ’18 and Todd Deutsch are editing their video project. Though associate professor of art Deutsch is the faculty member of this Summer Scholars team, 10 minutes with the group quickly gives one the sense that he’s also the subject of some pretty experienced ribbing — all in good fun, and in good company.

Deutsch, Scekomar and Alex are in the thick of their project: a series of multimedia documentary shorts exploring the impact of the liberal arts on students at St. Kate’s. The finished product will feature four St. Kate’s students relating their stories in their own words, accompanied by animated images.

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