Sullivan’s College of Pharmacy is about improving lives of both students and patients

“We are put on this earth to help each other,” says Dale English, Pharmacist and Associate Dean of Student Affairs for Sullivan University. He wants to show his students how working as a pharmacist contributes to the good of others.

At Sullivan University’s College of Pharmacy, the professors and staff work to ensure that each future pharmacist that comes to them leaves with an understanding of just how important their job is. By the time someone who is unwell gets to a pharmacist, they have already been through a lot. So when people come to pick up a prescription, they want to get home (or back to normal life) as soon as possible. Pharmacists are there to help.

Improving lives

“‘Improving lives.’ That is the mantra faculty has.” says English, “Our faculty believes in that wholeheartedly.” Because of the smaller program, there is a strong family feel to the Pharmacy College. Professors and staff look after their students and feel a sense of responsibility to them. They want to see their students succeed, and when students struggle, the staff is there to ask how they can help.

There can be pressure during the learning process. That’s why instructors at Sullivan create an environment where students feel comfortable asking questions and learning from their mistakes.

The mental well-being of students is as important to the Sullivan staff as performance and grades. The staff teaches students early on that it is important to take care of their personal health. Pharmacy jobs demands sharp, alert minds and illness and fatigue can increase the likelihood of mistakes.

The immersive three-year program at Sullivan puts students in classroom settings where they are surrounded by information and taught to be accountable for their actions. Ethical practices and patient-centered care is also stressed.

Doctor of Pharmacy program

Sullivan University’s accelerated Doctor of Pharmacy program puts students in a position where they can start earning wages sooner. Though the curriculum might be similar to other pharmacy schools, the standards the professors set is what makes the Sullivan program different. English says it’s important to set the bar high and to have every professor on the same page for standards because, “Students will rise to the expectations you have for them.” Pharmacy students are reminded early and often about those expectations, which is why Sullivan continues to produce exceptional pharmacists through their program.

A common misconception about pharmacists is that they work only at the local drug store. In fact, there are 90 different career opportunities that are accessible with a pharmacy doctorate. Even after students make the leap into pharmacy school, they still have almost a hundred options to choose from as they learn more about the field. English stepped into his role as Associate Dean with an extensive background in pharmacy. Since he has himself taken on many different positions in the field, he is well-equipped…

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