Stop Everything—Spearmint Tea Could Be the Cure for Acne

Maya Kruchankova/shutterstockWhen a breakout emerges, we are often willing to trek through the pits of fire and depths of the ocean to terminate it. From scorchingly acidic face peels to popping in a plethora of pills, the surplus of acne remedies out there promising to rid your face of pustules in a questionably short amount of time is abundant—and can leave us doing the strangest things to follow them. (We’re still skeptical about poking needles through our zits). Luckily, the newest acne claim won’t have you doing anything bizarre or pride-demanding; in fact, it’s the simplest one we’ve heard in a while.

This easy fix for all your hormonal woes mandates a rather pleasant remedy; all the no-fuss solution entails is downing a soothing cup of spearmint tea a day. Don’t miss these other 22 benefits of tea.

It all stems back to a Reddit user who posted to the sub-Reddit Skincare Addiction with the claim that her hormonal acne was cured by drinking a cup a day: “Can we talk about spearmint? I have been drinking 1 cup of spearmint tea every evening for several months and the results are incredible. I have not had a single zit, which confirms that my acne is hormonal. I have tried researching this further, but there is very limited information and most of it has to do with treating Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which I do not have. In my understanding it reduces androgens circulating in the blood and probably is not helpful to men.”

The page soon blew up with other fellow Redditors, who have since attested to the idea with their own personal success stories. One user posted, “I’ve been using spearmint tea (Traditional Medicinals brand) for several months and I have stopped experiencing the hormonal breakouts I used to get on my chin and I’m inclined to believe that the spearmint tea is effective for me.”    

Before you start raising questions (we did too), the theory is backed by scientific findings. Spearmint is linked to…

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