Stereotypes get a sound trashing at the wrestling arena

An interesting reversal of roles happens in Godha. For years in Malayalam cinema, we have been used to seeing the macho male star flexing (at times, non-existent) muscles and beating up baddies, while the female lead, visibly impressed, watches from the sidelines, wishing that he gave her a look. In Godha, the woman is literally in the mud pit, the godha, taking out her opponents, as the male star watches from the sidelines, with much admiration. And, mind you, this is a hero with toned, chiselled abs to flaunt.

Outside the ring too, the story is no different. She slams down eve-teasers, without waiting for Prince charming to save her. On more than one occasion, she saves him too, from getting beaten up. The only marginal chance he gets to show off is when he naively hits back at her police officer brother. Even by the end of the movie, except in that excuse of an epilogue, he does not prove himself ‘worthy’, because he does not need to.

In that way, Godha is an anti-Sultan, the Salman Khan-starrer in which the star falls in love with an accomplished wrestler, learns wrestling to earn her respect, marries her, gets…

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