State Audit Confirms Food Program Problems, Blames DHS

NASHVILLE, Tenn. РDHS is under fire for failing to do its job. A state audit released Thursday blames the department for allowing a LaVergne woman to pocket hundreds of thousands of dollars that was supposed to feed hungry kids. State auditors believe this could have been avoided.  

“DHS needs to acknowledge there’s a problem here,” John Dunn, the spokesman for the state Comptroller’s Office said.

DHS has dropped the ball again. This is just the latest example. The audit of the child care food program known as All About Giving blames DHS for allowing the program’s CEO LaShane Hayes of LaVergne to essentially help herself to hundreds of thousands of dollars that was supposed to be feeding hungry children.

Hayes received more than $2 million from DHS over two years, and according to the audit, some of that money was spent on an Xbox, a decorative cell phone case, computer games, shoes, perfume as well as hotels in and out of Tennessee.

The audit also found there were repeated cash withdrawals from the program’s bank account, sometimes $20,000 and $30,000 at a time, in all totaling nearly $135,000.

And of more than $230,000 spent on purchases, auditors could only find documentation for $19 worth of stamps.
“That’s not money that’s being used to feed children and that’s not right,” Dunn told NewsChannel 5 Investigates.¬†Dunn said that didn’t have to happen.

As we first reported back in November, All About Giving’s director submitted fake reimbursement claims to DHS for child care…

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