Startupbootcamp demo day on transport and energy

Around me are dozens of vintage cars in an old warehouse, tucked into a corner of Berlin’s north west. Those into cars are in heaven, dashing around the vast building, snapping photos of shiny vehicles as old as most attendees. I on the other had head straight to the coffee and snacks.

It’s a fitting venue for Startupbootcamp’s 3rd demo day in Berlin, this time covering smart transportation and energy. Startupbootcamp runs over 20 programs around the world and is currently pushing into new territories outside of the EU and North America. This was my second demo day, and whilst production values were as high as ever, I wasn’t as impressed by the pitches and there was a disappointing amount of misogynistic comments from speakers and mentors. This was especially disappointing as one of the opening comments was that it was a shame that there was only one woman pitching. Some might draw connections between the two.

Here’s who pitched and what they’re creating.


AirTeam have years experience producing drone footage for ‘traditional’ drone targets such as real estate, and large scale industrial monitoring. However, the team felt like they needed an idea that they could productize more easily and pitched ‘AirTeam Roof Inspector’, drone software that will assess roofs for repairs and solar panels. In some way, the idea seemed less glamorous and interesting than their current portfolio, but speaking afterward they assured me that the two services will complement each other well.


Whilst elements of smart logistics have existed for a while in the form of smart pallets and shipping containers, smaller scale ‘smart containers’ for highly valuable items such as pharmaceuticals or medical products have not and Casesense hope to change this. Their website won’t tell you much right now, but I saw a preview of the product and its small, connected, traceable container that will help those in areas where…

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