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Hoping to foster more conversation, Step In. Stand Up. will be hosting renowned violence prevention activist Jackson Katz on Wednesday, Oct. 4 and Thursday, Oct. 5.

Katz has spoken across the U.S. and the world about topics relating to issues of gender, race and violence, and is also a leading figure in gender violence prevention in professional and college sports and the military. He will host six lectures over the two days which will be held in Gates Ballroom in the Memorial Student Center.

“Dr. Katz is a pioneering researcher in issues related to men and masculinity and gender realms,” said Heather Wheeler, Women’s Resource Center program coordinator. “I think he really brings a fresh perspective in addressing some of the issues in our various communities.”

Some topics to be discussed by Katz include Blurred Lines: Sex and Violence in Media and Real Life, Violence Against Women is a Men’s Issue and Gender on the Agenda: The Socialization of Children in a Culture of Violence, among others.

“I’m excited for the range of different audiences I am going to be speaking to both students, faculty and staff,” Katz said. “I am going to get the chance to work with a lot of different people in a short amount of time in both intimate settings and public lecture settings.”

Harrell hopes students and community members that attend the lectures will be able to start more conversations pertaining to gender violence and sexual assault.

“We are in a learning environment, and part of the purpose of any education that we receive here is to give us different lens to look at and see how that fits in our own lens walking into the room in the first place,” Harrell said. “Hopefully, students will take that conversation and engage in dialogue with their peers when they leave.”

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