St. Joe Graduate Pens Inspirational Children’s Book /

The 32-year-old St. Joseph Central High School graduate penned his first children’s book.

PITTSFIELD, Mass. — Dan Sadlowski started on a career in health care and shadowed at Children’s Hospital in Boston. He was in awe.


He saw sick children fighting day in and day out. He saw them as real-life superheroes. And when his time there ended, he promised himself he’d come back and be an inspiration, a role model, to help them be resilient in the face of adversity.


But his career didn’t bring him back to Boston. It took a detour and he is now a teacher at Richmond Consolidated School, teaching technology and physical education to the elementary pupils. So he had to come up with a new idea to still be that inspiration without being at the hospital day in and day out. So he wrote a children’s book with a message of resilience.


“I was strongly influenced to become a child life specialists. They work one on one with the children to make sure pretty much hat their spirits are up. I told myself I’d be back there, I promised myself I’d be back there to do that. I went to teaching and I am extremely happy with teaching,” Sadlowski said.


“But I wanted to find a roundabout way to get back there and my idea would be to come up with a story that somebody going through a tough time can relate to.”


Finding Brooklyn” was published last October, culminating eight years of work. He started with ideas, expanded it to become a full out graphic novel, edited it, then cut it back down to a children’s book, and edited again. 


“I have this big long story. I was encouraged by an editor to do a graphic novel. My vision for this is a children’s book but it was too long. It took time from pouring my heart out to getting it back to what I envisioned it as,” he said.


The story is of a young girl named Brooklyn who wants to be a superhero and finding out that being one happens in real life, not just comic books….

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