Sports Club Board to re-form, advocate for club athletes

Director of Sport Clubs Sean Curtis, along with members of the Student Union Senate, is working to reintroduce a Sports Club Board as a governing body for club sports at Washington University.

The plan is to restructure a constitution for the inactive Sports Club Board that aligns more closely with Student Union policies and guidelines. In the past, the Board took on a mostly budgetary role, but now each individual club manages its own funds and is allocated throughTreasury. Sports Club Board’s new role, therefore, will be to serve as an advocacy and advisory board for club sports.

Senior Nate Vogt lays out for the disc during the Missouri Loves Company tournament last year. After being disbanded due to changes in the funding process, the Sports Club Board is coming back this year in hopes of increasing community among club sports teams on campus.

There are plans in place for a meeting with all sports club presidents to discuss how the new Board will look, including how its representatives will be chosen and what its exact functions will be.

With finances no longer a goal, the new Board will mainly serve as an advocacy body for sports clubs, and Curtis will serve as a messenger between the Board and SU.

Speaker of the Senate and junior Varun Lahoti believes that reinstating the Board will have a positive effect on the sports club community.

“I think the concept is good. But, of course, the vision and purpose of Sports Club Board will be shaped as per the needs of sports clubs,” Lahoti said, “Overall, the hope is that sports clubs can communicate to each other [and] to Sean Curtis and build a sense of community among all sports clubs.”

Along with Curtis, junior and Senator Brian Adler has been involved with reworking the constitution to bring it into “modern SU times and rules.” Their plan is to meet with all 43 sports club presidents and have them agree to the proposed changes. Then, the new statutes must be passed by…

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