South Hadley Golf Commission wants financially struggling municipal course kept open

SOUTH HADLEY — With a decision expected later this month by the Selectboard on whether the municipal owned Ledges Golf Course should remain open, the town’s Golf Commission, in a letter to the board, is advocating the facility operate “at least one more year.”

Since opening more than a decade ago, the Ledges has operated at a loss each year, according to a report to the Selectboard presented last month by Town Administrator Michael Sullivan.

The report said the Ledges accumulated $8.5 million in losses over the past 15 years.

In the fiscal year that ended June 30, the golf club’s expenses exceeded revenue by $561,824, with annual deficits of nearly $600,000 annually, totaling $8,546,111.

“To begin, as a Golf Commission we strongly urge the Select Board make a commitment right now to keep the Ledges open at least one more year,” reads a letter from the South Hadley Golf Commission, dated Sept. 29.

“The Golf Commission would like to propose we team up with the Select Board and Town Administrator to develop a plan to reduce or eliminate the financial loss the course has experienced each year. To get this process rolling, we are prepared to develop a strategic business and marketing plan to present to the select board at your earliest convenience.”

According to the town’s website, the commission’s members include: 

  • Mark Du Bois, Chair
    Term expires: 2017
  • Chris Collins, Member
    Term expires: 2019
  • William E. Foley, Member
    Term expires: 2017
  • Leonard Finkowski, Member
    Term expires: 2018
  • Jeffrey Millard, Member
    Term expires: 2019
  • Kyle Steinbock, Member
    Term expires: 2019
  • Michael J. Wozniak, Member
    Term expires:  2019

There are two alternate members:

  • John Lavin
    Term Expires: 2017
  • Jeremy Ramondetta
    Term Expires:  2017

Asked for a response to the golf commission letter, Sullivan said it was respectful, and he expressed genuine concern about the possible closing.

He said, in an email, that “It was brought to my attention that the Golf Commission did not meet in June,…

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