Simpler applications and smarter databases, Part 2

In my last blog post, I talked about the emergence of NoSQL as an antidote to the deficiencies of traditional SQL RDBMS products, and I concluded with the question about where the data management industry is going given the current environment, and whether we’re really addressing the needs of senior technology leadership.

Let’s start with going a bit further into the trade-offs represented by NoSQL.

KISS and the cloud

The NoSQL movement is not merely a slam against the traditional RDBMS. NoSQL seeks to offer solutions, solutions that address the list of needs I outlined in my last post.

The central design theme of NoSQL database systems is semantic simplification.  Many of the following things are finding their way back into the systems today, but early NoSQL systems pursued the cloud-style requirements by avoiding schema design, normalization, consistency guarantees, and server-side processing complexity.  The idea is to trade powerful traditional database capabilities for powerful cloud-style database capabilities.  

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