Showdown brews on Capitol Hill over Trump’s wiretapping claims Video

  • Now Playing: President Trump says news reports were origin of unsubstantiated wiretap claim

  • Now Playing: President Trump on the road to talk jobs with auto workers and executives

  • Now Playing: Showdown brews on Capitol Hill over Trump’s wiretapping claims

  • Now Playing: This Week Fast Forward 3.19.2017

  • Now Playing: ABC News’ Terry Moran: Pres. Trump’s ‘got an agenda in the world which is disruptive’

  • Now Playing: How are Americans reacting to the GOP health care bill?

  • Now Playing: Senate Intel leaders ‘no indications’ of wiretap, wider surveillance at Trump Tower

  • Now Playing: Sen. Rand Paul on health care bill: ‘We never ran on a replacement of Obamacare Lite’

  • Now Playing: Price says passing health care bill through House and Senate ‘a fine needle’ to be thread

  • Now Playing: Rep. Joaquin Castro: ‘No conclusion one way or another’ on Trump campaign ties to Russia

  • Now Playing: Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy: ‘Press is harping on’ Trump’s wiretap allegations

  • Now Playing: FBI Director James Comey to testify before Congress

  • Now Playing: Rex Tillerson wraps up his first overseas trip as secretary of state

  • Now Playing: President Trump fires off new tweet aimed at Germany

  • Now Playing: Will Trump’s wiretapping claims be politically damaging?

  • Now Playing: Trump holds firm on wiretapping claim in press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel

  • Now Playing: Donald Trump greets supporters while heading to Mar-a-Lago

  • Now Playing: President Trump hosts German Chancellor Angela Merkel

  • Now Playing: Concerns raised about the Secret Service after recent security breaches

  • Now Playing: House of Representatives to vote on the Republican health care bill next week

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