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By Dustin Miller

HTF Columnist

EVELETH – So there are new Windows updates released. Should I update right away? Should I wait for a few days? Should I skip all Windows updates? These are all questions that everyone has to answer, and they do not really have just one correct answer. The answer will depend on the current situation of the individual or business asking the questions.

Here is what we suggest to people, although this is by no means concrete advice as every situation is different. If you are an individual, then I do feel like you should run all the important updates when they are released. That way your computer has any known vulnerable holes plugged up and hackers won’t be able to get into the system as easily.

For the optional updates, these are very good things to install as well. The one thing about the optional updates is we normally do not install the “driver” updates under the optional updates, since we have had this cause issues with devices more than once on our customers’ computers. We will usually just hide those drivers, unless that device is already having an issue—then will we give it a shot.

If you’re a business, you are still normally safe to do the important updates and also the optional ones.

Microsoft will usually release updates on a Tuesday of each month. It is normally the second Tuesday, but sometimes they release…

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