Sherry Young: Celebrating a season for growing older

Erika Schmidt

Sherry and Grit Young, with their sons Jim and Tom and their families, celebrate Thanksgiving in Mesa, Arizona.

Many people have written or asked why I wasn’t in the paper anymore or why my articles stopped coming. I decided to submit an article to show that, yes, I am still alive and mentally copacetic with the world. Like many of you, that still-able mind is beginning to focus on this yearly season of joy.

For Thanksgiving this year, we were in Arizona with two of our sons, Tom and Jim, and their families. It was a good opportunity for my husband, Grit, to help Jim put together some Ikea closets in the home they finally were able to move back into after three long years.

I wrote about the home destruction from a microburst that occurred six days after they moved to Gilbert, Arizona, from Michigan (see “Looking for the rainbow after a storm,” published Aug. 6, 2014, on

Jim’s wife, Shamberlin, is expecting their fifth child mid-December. While Grit and Jim were building closets, I was able to have some grandchild time, and also to help around the house a bit, easing Shamberlin’s life.

Jim is our youngest child, and he is 17 years younger than our son Steve and nine years younger than our fourth child Tom. We helped Tom and Stacy move from Connecticut to Paradise Valley, Arizona, and then to Mesa, but that was 12 and 8 years ago, respectively.

We are older now and it makes a difference. But in spite of feeling more creaky, I couldn’t help but ponder on the blessing this year of being alive and fit enough to be of service to them. There is no…

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