Shatel: Nebraska state of volleyball bolstered by Creighton’s emergence, Huskers’ match at UNO | Sports

History dropped in to see us the other day, with a ponytail, knee pads and a mean serve.

At least I’m going to say it was history, when the American Volleyball Coaches Association preseason poll was released and two names stood out.

Have NU and CU ever been ranked in the top 10 together in basketball, baseball or any other sports the two play?

Have two Division I schools in Nebraska been ranked in the top 10 together in any sport? (Yes, this includes NU, CU and recently UNO.)

It’s an amazing thing, this Nebraska state of volleyball, from the clubs to the high schools to the small colleges to the emergence of Creighton. What a season we have upon us.

Two teams capable of hosting a regional. Two teams capable of going to a final four. Two rosters loaded with local girls who grew up on Nebraska’s Game.

Can you imagine if they actually played each other?

This is absolutely the year when you want these two programs playing. But it won’t happen, because NU coach John Cook essentially chose to play at UNO for the first time in place of the annual match with Creighton.

“Nebraska did not have the dates,” said CU coach Kirsten Bernthal Booth. “I was disappointed we’re not playing. I get it. I’m over it.”

It is disappointing, but there are a couple of things for critics — Creighton or otherwise — to consider.

1. Creighton men’s basketball will not play UNO men’s basketball since the Mavs moved up to Division I. It’s probably more about not wanting to validate UNO in Omaha than the fear of losing.

CU coach Greg McDermott has said playing UNO doesn’t benefit Creighton, but the Jays have played teams in UNO’s league. In any case, it would benefit basketball in this region.

2. That’s something Cook recognized a long time ago.

Nebraska certainly has not ducked Creighton, which started its volleyball…

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