Sentencing in Linnea Veinotte’s death postponed – New Brunswick

Almost two years after New Brunswick native Linnea Veinotte was fatally injured while out for a morning walk in Grenada, the driver who struck her, then ditched her body at a golf course, was scheduled for sentencing Thursday, only to have the hearing postponed.

Akim Frank will instead be sentenced Jan. 17, 2018, after pleading guilty last month to manslaughter at the No. 2 High Court in the Caribbean island’s capital, St. George’s.  

In an email conveying the new date, Grenada’s director of public prosecutions, Christopher Nelson, confirmed a local newspaper’s account of what Frank told the police when he turned himself in, almost a week after Veinotte was reported missing by her husband, Matthew. 

Still alive

According to the New Today, Frank told authorities that Veinotte, who was 36 and the mother of two young boys, was still alive after the Dec. 6, 2015, collision and he intended to get her to the hospital. 

This photo shows a police car blocking Coral Crescent, the street where Linnea Veinotte disappeared two years ago. (Michael Hinman)

“The 26-year old suspect later told police investigators that he went into [Veinotte’s neighbourhood] Lance Aux Epines to drop off someone and was driving the vehicle with speed since he was late in bringing it back to the owner,” the newspaper reported.

“Frank reportedly said that after running into the woman and the dog, he stopped and decided to pick up Linnea, who fell to the ground in an attempt to carry her to the St. George’s General hospital for medical treatment.”

“He put the injured lady into the back of the vehicle and took the route leading into Grand Anse Valley to get into the city.”

Became scared

“The accused said that while driving the vehicle he noticed that it started to wobble and when he stopped he realized that he had a flat tyre.”

Akim Frank will be sentenced on Jan. 17, 2018, for the death of Linnea Veinotte, originally from New Brunswick. (Royal Grenada Police Force)

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