Searching for Ray Palmer: JLA writer promises ‘Epic’ space opera in new arc

Dark Nights: Metal may be getting the Bat’s share of the headlines, but that is far from the only epic event DC Comics has unspooling right now.

The six-part “Panic in the Microverse” series kicked off in the fresh-at-the-LCS Justice League of America #12. This isn’t just the latest arc in what has become one of the most entertaining reads DC puts out each month; this is a widescale story with potential ramifications for the entire DCU, seeing that it promises the resolution to a mystery that was hatched in last year’s DC Universe: Rebirth one-shot by Geoff Johns. No, not that mystery. The other one, namely:

What the hell happened to Ray Palmer?

Palmer, aka the original Atom, left a message for Ryan Choi in that story, laying out a plan for how to find him and bring him back from the Microverse. He even seemed to warn Ryan about someone he would encounter there. In the new storyline, writer Steve Orlando aims to resolve what exactly happened to Palmer, while also breaking new ground and taking a deep dive into the DC Universe’s new playground, the Microverse.

During an interview with SYFYWIRE, Orlando detailed how he wanted go full-on space opera with this tale. He took inspiration from classic science fiction, with its layered mythology and themes, and colorful characters and settings. He also shared how a conversation about individualism between Grant Morrison and Deepak Chopra helped him figure out the landscape and scale of the Microverse alongside artist Ivan Reis. 

Somehow, we also got a West Coast Avengers reference and a lovely culinary comparison from Orlando describing how his story leads into Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s Doomsday Clock event, coming in November.

Read on and remember that Justice League of America #12 is in stores now, with Part Two arriving August 30.

Tell us about the storyline going right now in JLA. “Panic in the Microverse” seems incredibly ambitious.

Put quite simply, “Panic in the Microverse” is Star Wars

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